ProxyDemocracy Hailed as Pioneer

Moxy Vote, the new online voting platform, saluted ProxyDemocracy as one of the pioneers of the movement to empower shareholders.

Posted by Matthew Keenan at February 18, 2010 at 09:40 AM

Moxy Vote, the new online voting platform, saluted ProxyDemocracy as one of the pioneers of the movement to empower shareholders.

Moxy Vote, designed to simplify proxy voting for individual investors, recognized "those who brought shareholder rights to the forefront of the investment scene. These folks continue to lead this charge even today."

Moxy Vote singled out Andy Eggers, the founder of ProxyDemocracy, and Mark Latham, a member of both our board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission's Investor Advisory Committee.

ProxyDemocracy brings scrutiny to the voting records of mutual fund companies, as well as telling retail investors how big institutions plan to vote at upcoming annual meetings, Moxy Vote said. In its short history, ProxyDemocracy has developed "a useful resource for investors."

Those joining ProxyDemocracy on Moxy Vote's roster of pioneers include Nell Minow of The Corporate Library and Jim McRitchie of