(9) Report on Pay Disparity

Sponsor: Shareholder

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Votes on this proposal

AFSCME Employees Pension Plan For
CalPERS: CalPERS believes the additional disclosure related to executive compensation would be a benefit to shareowners.
CalSTRS Against
Florida SBA Against
Trillium Asset Management Did Not Vote
Calvert Funds (1 vote) For
Calvert Social Index Fund For
Calvert Social Index Fund: Due to escalating executive pay and the fact that the report requested will shed some light on company's pay practices and policies, this proposal warrants shareholder approval.
Domini Social Funds (1 vote) For
Domini Social Equity Fund For
Praxis Mutual Funds (2 votes) Against
Praxis Core Stock Fund Against
Praxis Value Index Fund Against
Vanguard Funds (1 vote) Against
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Against