(1.1) Elect Director W. Edmund Clark

Sponsor: Management

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Votes on this proposal

CBIS Withhold
CalSTRS Withhold
Florida SBA Withhold
AllianceBernstein Funds (1 vote) Withhold
AllianceBernstein Growth and Income Withhold
Allianz (1 vote) Withhold
Allianz CCM Capital Appreciation Fund Withhold
Calvert Funds (1 vote) Withhold
Calvert Social Index Fund Withhold
Domini Social Funds (1 vote) Withhold
Domini Social Equity Fund Withhold
Evergreen Funds (1 vote) Withhold
Evergreen Enhanced S&P 500(R) Fund Withhold
Fidelity Funds (1 vote) Withhold
Fidelity Value Fund Withhold
Goldman Sachs Funds (2 votes) Withhold
Goldman Sachs Capital Growth Withhold
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value Withhold
JPMorgan Asset Management (2 votes) Withhold
JPMorgan Intrepid America Withhold
JPMorgan U.S. Equity Withhold
Oppenheimer Fund (1 vote) Withhold
Oppenheimer Main Street Fund Withhold
Praxis Mutual Funds (1 vote) Withhold
Praxis Growth Index Fund Withhold
Schwab Funds (2 votes) Withhold
Schwab 1000 Index Fund Withhold
Schwab Total Stock Market Index Fund Withhold
TIAA-CREF Funds (1 vote) Withhold
TIAA-CREF Equity Index Fund Withhold
Vanguard Funds (3 votes) Withhold
Vanguard Mid Capitalization Index Withhold
Vanguard Windsor Withhold
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Withhold