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Date Company Proposal Position
Jun 11, 2014 Target Corporation Cease Discrimination in Hiring, Vendo... Against
May 15, 2012 The Gap, Inc. End Sri Lanka Trade Partnerships Unti... Against
Oct 11, 2011 The Procter & Gamble C... Phase Out Use of Laboratory Animals i... Against
Apr 28, 2011 Johnson & Johnson Amend EEO Policy to Prohibit Discrimi... Against
Mar 10, 2010 The Walt Disney Company TO APPROVE THE SHAREHOLDER PROPOSAL R... Against
Apr 29, 2008 Wells Fargo & Company Adopt EEO Policy Without Reference to... Against
May 15, 2007 JPMorgan Chase & Co. Report on Management Initiatives to A... Against
Apr 24, 2007 International Business... Evaluate Age Discrimination in Retire... Against
Nov 14, 2006 Microsoft Corp. Cease Product Sales that Can Be Used ... Against
Nov 14, 2006 Microsoft Corp. Amend EEO Statement to Not Reference ... Against
May 16, 2006 JPMorgan Chase & Co. Remove Reference to Sexual Orientatio... Against
Apr 24, 2006 American Express Co. Exclude Reference to Sexual Orientati... Against