We have collected agendas and institutional investor votes for 81,222 shareholder meetings taking place between July 1, 2003 and August 23, 2018. Use the search boxes at left to find a specific company, meeting, or proposal.

Our data sources

The agendas and votes for all meetings after July 1, 2010 were provided by institutional investors that choose to disclose in advance of meetings. (See our list of advance disclosers.)

The agendas and votes for all meetings before July 1, 2010 were collected from SEC filings submitted by mutual funds. (Since 2004, the SEC has required investment companies to report all of their proxy votes in an annual filing.)


Our database contains votes from 176 mutual funds from 60 leading fund families, as well as three public pension funds, a union pension fund, and two investment advisers (each of which publishes voluntarily in advance of meetings). In gathering mutual fund votes, we have focused on getting the largest large-cap funds from the largest fund families, as well as the leading SRI (socially responsible investing) funds.

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Terms of use

The data is free to use with attribution. Contact us if you would like access to the database tables.